Tuesday, September 7, 2010


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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Warriors Episode #55: The Jonah Hex Hex

In tonight's exciting episode the Warriors review the Jonah Hex film! Um... yeah.

John and Seans L. and H. discuss Avengers #2. Who liked it, who didn't?

Avengers #2
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by John Romita Jr.

Sean H. discusses the price of Hulk #23

Hulk #23
Written by Jeph Loeb
Art by Ed McGuiness and a million other guys

They got mixed up! Sea Bear vs. Grizzly Shark. Everyone read this and has an opinion of it.

Sea Bear vs. Grizzly Shark one-shot
Writing and Art by Jason Howard and Ryan Ottley

Jonas picked up Green Arrow #1, intrigued by the "Robin Hood" concept. Did he like it?

Green Arrow #1
Written by JT Krul
Art by Diogenes Neves

This episode's giveaway!

Fantastic Four #554 signed by Bryan Hitch

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wednesday Warriors Episode #54: Favorite Graphic Novel Pottycast

In this episode those potty-mouthed Wednesday Warriors try (and fail) to keep it clean while talking about their favorite Graphic Novels or close-ended storylines. They also clear up any confusion between the definitions of "issue" vs. "episode." But first they've got some books to talk about!

Sean L. follows Daken to Rome in Dark Wolverine #87, pronunciations are debated.

Dark Wolverine #87
Written by Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu
Art by Mirco Pierfederici

Sean H. stumbles and moans into Walking Dead #73. Is it a good jumping on point? (spoiler: no). Also, what's this about a Walking Dead TV show?

Walking Dead #73
Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard

If you think you're reading comics, you may be incorrect. Are you reading Hellblazer? If not, you are not reading comics. So sayeth Jonas.

Hellblazer #268
Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stafani Landini

Jonas also touches on the final issue of Forgetless, a series he and Bryton have been enjoying.

Forgetless #5
Written by Nick Spencer
Art by W. Scott Forbes and Marley Zarcone

Bryton loves Westerns, but unfortunately wasn't thrilled with Pale Horse, despite it's unique concept. He was much more impressed and baffled and a little frightened by Meta 4. The world remains unimpressed with Bryton's Vincent Price impression.

Meta 4
Art and Story by Ted McKeever

John thinks the first issue of the new Black Cat series has a great cover! The end. Then John and the gang discuss the new New Avengers #1. Does it hold up to the rest of the Heroic Age titles?

New Avengers #1
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Stuart Immonen

So! What are everyone's favorite Graphic Novels! Does anyone know what a graphic novel even is? What's your favorite graphic novel?

This episode's giveaway!

Incredible Hercules #112 signed by artist Koi Pham!
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Episode 52 - The Heroic Age

Sean Henny Hennefer reviews DC's 52 for episode 52 in just 52 seconds! Zounds and astonishment! Wonders never cease here! Join us as we chat comics on a HEROIC scale and talk about each of the new heroic titles that were released this week!

Thunderbolts, Secret Avengers, Atlas, Avengers and the flipping 3D man for the love of pete! Holy crap its gonna be awesome you guys gotta click on this one and download it now!

Episode 51: Iron Man as Well

Warriors are back out on the town cruising for a bruisin and they're packing the an awesome guest star Vanessa Luna She brings a couple of her own picks to the table and we all get chatty about Iron Man 2 and what we all thought after having finally watching it.

I also just wanted to take a quick second to point out Adam Atherton's Lily Of the Valley web comic on zuda comics. Well worth checking out and here's the big bonus its free!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Episode 50: Part 1 - Seige Read-Along, Issue One

Time to celebrate people. Part one of episode 50 is out now. After you hear it you will hopefully understand why we had a skip week last week. We wanted to have the entire Read-Along to Marvel's Siege, but we didn't realize how much work it would be. We figure everyone who reads comics is used to waiting a little longer for something great but we wanted this to be episode 50 and didn't want to make everyone wait for all four issues to be done before we posted it. So we have decided to release it an issue at a time.

However, we already have an episode in the can with a special guest from this very board. So we are going to release that as episode 51 tomorrow. And then we will release 50 part 2 - part 4 as soon as we have them done. That way we can still release episodes without having to make anyone wait.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our Siege read-along part 1. We have all worked really hard on it and thought it turned out much better than we were had hoped.

Sean Leslie - June 1st 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time Machine: Demon in a Bottle

"Demon in a Bottle" is a nine-issue Iron Man story arc concerning alcoholism. The story arc was written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton with art by John Romita, Jr., Bob Layton, and Carmine Infantino and published by Marvel Comics.

The storyline ran in The Invincible Iron Man #120-128 (March-Nov. 1979), plotted by David Michelinie and Bob Layton, with script by Michelinie. John Romita, Jr. [[penciler|pencilled] the breakdown sketches, with Layton providing finished art. Issue #122 (May 1979) was both plotted and scripted by Michelinie, penciled by Carmine Infantino and inked by Layton

"Demon in a Bottle" was originally only the title of the final issue in the storyline. When the storyline was collected in trade paperback in 1984 and 1989, it was published under the title The Power of Iron Man. "Demon in a Bottle" later became the popular name for the storyline, and collected editions were then published under that title.

Stark's alcoholism was revisited in later storylines, and remains a defining element of the character. Jon Favreau, director of the 2008 Iron Man film, said: "Stark has issues with booze. That's part of who he is." Favreau said that elements of the story would be used in future Iron Man sequels: "I don't think we'll ever do the Leaving Las Vegas version, but it will be dealt with.

And In case that wasn't awesome enough for you we've posted the Iron Baby Motion Picture Preview just in case.

Episode 49: Black Cat Bonkers

Greg from Black Cat Comics our local dealer of all things dastardly is our special guest this week and we talk to him about the awesomeness/suckiness of owning your own shop.

Tim Gunn from Project Runway discusses comic book/pop culture and sincerely critiques superhero outfits. Check it out here