Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Episode 52 - The Heroic Age

Sean Henny Hennefer reviews DC's 52 for episode 52 in just 52 seconds! Zounds and astonishment! Wonders never cease here! Join us as we chat comics on a HEROIC scale and talk about each of the new heroic titles that were released this week!

Thunderbolts, Secret Avengers, Atlas, Avengers and the flipping 3D man for the love of pete! Holy crap its gonna be awesome you guys gotta click on this one and download it now!

Episode 51: Iron Man as Well

Warriors are back out on the town cruising for a bruisin and they're packing the an awesome guest star Vanessa Luna She brings a couple of her own picks to the table and we all get chatty about Iron Man 2 and what we all thought after having finally watching it.

I also just wanted to take a quick second to point out Adam Atherton's Lily Of the Valley web comic on zuda comics. Well worth checking out and here's the big bonus its free!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Episode 50: Part 1 - Seige Read-Along, Issue One

Time to celebrate people. Part one of episode 50 is out now. After you hear it you will hopefully understand why we had a skip week last week. We wanted to have the entire Read-Along to Marvel's Siege, but we didn't realize how much work it would be. We figure everyone who reads comics is used to waiting a little longer for something great but we wanted this to be episode 50 and didn't want to make everyone wait for all four issues to be done before we posted it. So we have decided to release it an issue at a time.

However, we already have an episode in the can with a special guest from this very board. So we are going to release that as episode 51 tomorrow. And then we will release 50 part 2 - part 4 as soon as we have them done. That way we can still release episodes without having to make anyone wait.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our Siege read-along part 1. We have all worked really hard on it and thought it turned out much better than we were had hoped.

Sean Leslie - June 1st 2010