Monday, November 30, 2009

Episode 29: Superman: Love Him or Hate him?

Whether you love him or hate him its hard to deny the Man of Steel his due. The comic industry wouldn't be where it was if it wasn't for the Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster creation. We discuss his "boring" rep and the reasons to follow the Superman franchise. We even discuss the Superman mythos and the titles that have followed up on superman's cape like Invincible, Irredeemable and others.

Jonas's Pick
Booster Gold #26 (starts at 1:00)
Well DC's masterfully crafted plan to make us buy more books because of the Blackest Night crossover has worked perfectly and ensared Jonas into buying yet another monthly title to his hold. We talk about the whole 25th century concept and math far beyond my comprehension. I hate math. So we talk about that and the history of Booster Gold and Co-Ed showers. Need I really say more? Your not going to want to miss our perfect evaluation of the future. Henny sums it up perfectly at 5:26.

Creators: STORY BY: Dan Jurgens (also incidentally the artist for Superman #75 the issue where superman dies) / ART BY: Dan Jurgens, Mike Norton, Norm Rapmund

John's Pick
Ultimate Spider Man #3 (starts at 12:48)
After praising X-Men Forever for its masterfully mangled storytelling I've finally dropped it from my hold FOREVER. The most difficult pick of the week for me to have chosen so far and after nearly 6 minutes of talking about the books I read I hated. My default pick of the week was this one. Its hard not to like. But Sean hates Peter Parker's JNCO jeans and Gwen Stacey's eyebrow ring. I think since David LaFuente is spanish born and resides in London he may not have a really solid grasp of what's cool and hip and with it. We also rant forever about the Punisher Max new reincarnation and how it may or may not be living up to our expectations. I also dropped the X-babies. Sad.

Creators: STORY BY: Brian Michael Bendis / ART BY: David LaFuente

Henny's Pick
Anchor #2 (starts at 24:10)
THE ANCHOR. Holy warrior, unholy war. Freak of nature, beast of burden, hulking outcast, medieval prize fighter, Viking raider... God's own leg-breaker.
Cataclysmic action, quirky humor, and profound pathos for fans of HELLBOY and THE GOON. A new BOOM! ongoing series, brought to you by Eisner Award-nominated writer/artist Phil Hester (GREEN ARROW, SWAMP THING, THE COFFIN, FIREBREATHER, THE DARKNESS) and fan-favorite artist Brian Churilla (REX MUNDI, THE ENGINEER, CREEPY).

Creators: STORY BY: Phil Hester / ART BY: Brian Churilla

Sean's Pick
Amulet #2 (starts at 32:30)
I'm reading this and refuse to look up anything about it to write about it. So you should too.

Oh yea Will Smith bought the rights to Amulet and is putting his kids in it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Episode 28: Let's Talk Comic Shop!

Join us as we discuss our favorite comic shops and the things we love and hate about the stores we patronize!

Jonas's Pick
Invincible presents Atom Eve and Rex Splode #1 (starts at 1:00)
Join us as we ruin the entire Invincible storyline for Sean Leslie! (who reads the book in trades) and give away every single spoiler in the next few issues!
Picking up right where the first ATOM EVE miniseries left off! See the secret origin of Rex Splode! See what shaped him into the man who tragically sacrificed himself in the Invincible War. Witness his first meeting with Atom Eve and learn their stunning secret!


Sean's Pick
Sweet Tooth #3 (starts at 9:30)
Having recently gotten back his sketch and signed copy of Sweet Tooth #1 Sean is on the Lemire loving bandwagon!

Hunters, cultists, mutants and shantytown pimps all want a piece of Gus, the boy with deer antlers. All that stands between them and him is Jepperd, a killer from the apocalyptic wasteland with motivations of his own. As Gus goes out into what's left of the world, he'll find out that no one is quite what they seem.

Creators: STORY BY: Jeff Lemire / ART BY: Jeff Lemire

John's Pick
Freak Angels (starts at 11:30)
Short of comic money? WEBCOMICS are the answer! Or you can actually spend your hard earned money and buy the third trade thats just been released about the FreakAngels.
Twenty-three years prior to the inciting action of “FreakAngels,” twelve children were born at the exact same moment, each with pale skin, purple eyes, and a unique but decidedly superhuman ability. Seventeen years later, the world as we know it came to an end. Six years after the apocalypse, 11 of the 12 FreakAngels do what they can to make life easier for the remaining inhabitants of the now-flooded, future London.

Creators: STORY BY: Warren Ellis / ART BY: Paul Duffield

Henny's Pick
Green Monk (starts at 22:18)
Green Monk follows the adventures of a Monk cast out of his order, wandering a mythical Russian countryside. His only companion is a magical blade of grass that draws him into a brutal struggle against a terrifying foe.

This guy Brandon Dayton Drew a page a day and came out with such an amazing product you really have to pick one up. Brandon works for EA Salt Lake as a concept artist and owes his entire career to Henny.

Creators: STORY BY: Brandon Dayton / ART BY: Brandon Dayton

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Episode 27: General Comic Discussion

Since Henny was out of commission for a few weeks and so many great titles are coming out, we felt we had to try to catch up and talk about some of our faves that haven't made it into the podcast lately (and quite a few that have, we discuss in more detail).

Jonas gets goosebumps as he and Henny talk about the current situation of The Walking Dead and the dark psychological turn that it's been taking and how its become not as visually graphic but more disturbing.

Sean is loving the Dark Horse one-shots such as Abe Sapien that seem to be the answer to the DC and Marvel ongoing Dark Reigns and Blackest Nights.

We discuss the Dark Reign series and how it seems to be wearing thin on nearly all of us. Is it possible to have a backlash from a series? If I see Dark Reign on a title anymore' I'm not as prone to buy it now. I may actually shy away and so do the rest of the Warriors at this point, with Dark Reign lasting over a year now and no clear end in sight. We discuss, The Seige, The Seige: Embedded and the Fall of the Hulks which will start the Red Hulk ongoing series.

I've been reading the Scott Pilgrim series and have to second Bryton and Sean's nomination of Scott Pilgrim as an awesome must read. Its up to the 5th trade and has provided me with plenty of laugh out loud moments which I feel are way to few and far between in comics these days (at least the ones I've been buying. Spawn never makes fart jokes anymore, sigh....) and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this one and am looking forward to the new movie coming out soon.

We talk about noobs and BRB and how my sweet sister-in-law is painfully unaware of nerd acronyms. Happy Anniversary Brother! Who will never actually listen to the podcast since we don't discuss Rob Liefeld (other than every episode).

Henny and Jonas discuss the series as it's progressed so far and how after nearly dropping the title, Henny is loving the newest "SHEBANG" issue that con-artists from Brazil swindled him into buying it.

Joshua Dyson the writer of the series is also writing the Vertigo Unknown Soldier series that Sean has been really enjoying. I can't bring myself to read it because it's so issue heavy and serious.

Jonas has finished the second trade of Air and is even more in love with this twisted ongoing series of the Blythe family. With a run of only 5,000 issues we demand that you pick up the series now!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Episode 26: Dropped

Well, I'll be damned. It's episode 26. And guess who's Back? Trevor Rimmasch joins us for another episode of Trevor's Tyrade! Oooh, what bargain basement comics has Trevor found for the mere cost of a quarter, for our enjoyment?

Jonas's Pick
Cowboy Ninja Viking#1 Starts @ 1:00
Jonas loves-slash-hates this comic? It's still a bit hazy if he likes this because he swears he won't be picking up issue #2 or any others. Is it a poor man's version of a poor man's version?
Dr. Ghislain is the creator of a program that that trains people suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder to become killers known as Triplets. Duncan, living his life as a Cowboy, a Ninja, and a Viking, is one of these Triplets and remains Ghislain’s greatest success, even if he/they want to kill the good doctor. When another Triplet goes rogue, Ghislain and Duncan must put aside their differences to track him down.

Creators: STORY BY: A J Lieberman / ART BY: Dave Casey Riley Rossmo

Henny's Pick
Spider-Woman #2 Starts @ 5:50
After a 3 week hiatus of comic buying for Henny, his pick of the month is Spider-Woman. Bendis and Maleev unveil a big new chapter in the life of Jessica Drew as she heads to Madripoor to do S.W.O.R.D.'s dirty work. Based on the ground-breaking motion comic and featuring all new material. And guest starring Spider-Man!!

Creators: STORY BY: Brian Michael Bendis / ART BY: Alex Maleev

Sean's Pick
Noir: A collection of Crime Comics Starts @ 11:03
With crime comics quickly becoming a bona fide phenomenon, it is only natural that the company that published one of the touchstones in the genre would want a piece of the action. Frank Miller’s Sin City is one of the prolific author’s more praised works. It is also one of the books that really helped put Dark Horse on the map. Now 17 years after the seminal noir graphic narrative was launched, Dark Horse brings it's fans Noir: A Collection of Crime Comics.

Creators: STORY BY:
Brian Azzarello
Ed Brubaker
Alex de Campi
Matt and Shawn Fillbach - 'The Fillbach Brothers'
Rick Geary
Paul Grist
David Lapham
Jeff Lemire
Ken Lizzi
Dean Motter
Chris Offutt
M. K. Perker
Gary D. Phillips

Gabriel Bã
Eduardo Baretto
Matt and Shawn Fillbach - 'The Fillbach Brothers'
Rick Geary
Paul Grist
Joëlle Jones
David Lapham
Jeff Lemire
Jose Angel Cano Lopez - 'Kano'
Fãbio Moon
Dean Motter
M. K. Perker
Hugo Petrus
Sean Phillips

John's Pick
Punisher #1 Starts @ 13:50
Jonas sums this up so: "The Punisher sees himself on the list and kills himself" There we spoiled the whole thing for you. Actually nothing like that even happens so I swear it's awesome. Probably the best fight scene in a comic ending with the title character getting his ass handed to him, I've ever seen.
Legendary artist John Romita Jr. returns to The Punisher, joined by regular series writer Rick Remender for this, the most ferocious battle of Frank Castle's life. Plus, a preview of the next exciting chapter of the Punisher. Make mine FrankenCastle!

Matt Page you're wrong.

Creators: STORY BY: Rick Remender / ART BY: John Romita Jr.

This rules, I can't remember where I found it online though, so kudos whoever knows us Wednesday Warriors so well...

Monday, November 2, 2009


We have been running a little late on our podcast, but have no fear, new episodes should be posted this week! But until then, enjoy some of the Warrior's Halloween Costumes!

First off, we have Sean Leslie as Zombie Spider-man!

Rod as Snake Pliskin

Henny and Ally as Scooby and Shaggy

And finally, the always creepy Tim and Jonas as "Dudes attending an Eyes Wide Shut orgy party"