Thursday, November 12, 2009

Episode 27: General Comic Discussion

Since Henny was out of commission for a few weeks and so many great titles are coming out, we felt we had to try to catch up and talk about some of our faves that haven't made it into the podcast lately (and quite a few that have, we discuss in more detail).

Jonas gets goosebumps as he and Henny talk about the current situation of The Walking Dead and the dark psychological turn that it's been taking and how its become not as visually graphic but more disturbing.

Sean is loving the Dark Horse one-shots such as Abe Sapien that seem to be the answer to the DC and Marvel ongoing Dark Reigns and Blackest Nights.

We discuss the Dark Reign series and how it seems to be wearing thin on nearly all of us. Is it possible to have a backlash from a series? If I see Dark Reign on a title anymore' I'm not as prone to buy it now. I may actually shy away and so do the rest of the Warriors at this point, with Dark Reign lasting over a year now and no clear end in sight. We discuss, The Seige, The Seige: Embedded and the Fall of the Hulks which will start the Red Hulk ongoing series.

I've been reading the Scott Pilgrim series and have to second Bryton and Sean's nomination of Scott Pilgrim as an awesome must read. Its up to the 5th trade and has provided me with plenty of laugh out loud moments which I feel are way to few and far between in comics these days (at least the ones I've been buying. Spawn never makes fart jokes anymore, sigh....) and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this one and am looking forward to the new movie coming out soon.

We talk about noobs and BRB and how my sweet sister-in-law is painfully unaware of nerd acronyms. Happy Anniversary Brother! Who will never actually listen to the podcast since we don't discuss Rob Liefeld (other than every episode).

Henny and Jonas discuss the series as it's progressed so far and how after nearly dropping the title, Henny is loving the newest "SHEBANG" issue that con-artists from Brazil swindled him into buying it.

Joshua Dyson the writer of the series is also writing the Vertigo Unknown Soldier series that Sean has been really enjoying. I can't bring myself to read it because it's so issue heavy and serious.

Jonas has finished the second trade of Air and is even more in love with this twisted ongoing series of the Blythe family. With a run of only 5,000 issues we demand that you pick up the series now!

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