Friday, May 29, 2009

Episode 03 - Rob Liefeld - Academic Retrospective

In this episode: Wednesday Warriors discuss the career of legendary has-been, Rob Liefeld.

Date: 3/10/09 © 2009 Wednesday Warriors

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  1. I love the image you used for this podcast.

    I think Liefeld is more hated than he deserves: sure he's a terrible artist who achieved totally undeserved success but I think we can all agree that it isn't his fault. He was just drawing retarded proportions and pouches in the right place at the right time.

    We made him successful by buying everything he drew and then when we all realized how bad he was we got embarassed and ashamed that we made this guy rich so now we revile him.

    Don't get me wrong, the dude is a hack. But we as readers are totally reponsible for the cow haunch shaped Captain A up there.

  2. We couldn't agree more.

    If you haven't seen this site here it's well worth checking out. If not for just the amazing way he's broken down every foul inch of his drawing style.

    We here at Wednesday Warriors take full responsibility for the excessive shoulder padding and pouches and buying into it in every way.

    Thanks for your comment man enjoy the podcast!

  3. You guys asked why Rob Liefeld ever became popular. I can't say that I really know *why*, but I do have an observation that might shed some light on the question.

    Liefeld gained popularity at a time when every creative field was suddenly obsessed with doing it all WRONG-- with just abandoning the polish and the rules and breaking their medium. Grunge music was taking off, David Carson and Ray Gun magazine was dominating the design scene...

    Liefeld fit in that moment-- know what I mean?

  4. I do know exactly what you mean.

    I think we will never truly understand the exact reasons how it came to be I'm just glad it did.

    Thanks for listening!

  5. Interesting point Daniel, but it's also interesting how Grunge still stands up today and David Carson's work on Raygun is still something to behold. But there's not as much love these days for the Liefeld work.

    Maybe in another 10 years he's be recognized for his greatness.