Saturday, January 9, 2010

Episode 33: The Dark Side of Comics

After a quick discussion on what is or isn't a graphic novel and what format it actually fits in we get right into our picks and discuss the dirty closet of pornography in comics. Henny takes a beating for the team and goes into our shop and buys a copy of COMIC AG #108 for the team to review. We also discuss Image United and the utter flop its turned into so far. Emotional Rape happens on so many levels we have a hard time determining whats worse.

Jonas' Pick
Punisher Max #2 (starts at 8:15)
The second in the series is got some seriously f'd up stuff going on right now and Jonas is loving it and can't wait to see what happens in the series. The second issue of Punisher Max focuses on bodyguard Wilson Fisk as he recants the story of his life as a career criminal and sets the stage for his new career as the Kingpin of Crime. Up to this point, the Kingpin has been nothing more than an underworld myth but the top crime bosses in New York have decided to play on these rumors in order to send Frank Castle on a wild goose chase and lure him into a trap.

CREATORS: STORY BY: Jason Aaron / ART BY: Steve Dillon

Henny's Pick
Jonah Hex #50 (starts at 11:48)
Henny declares this "everyone's pick that only I picked" so its easy enough to assume we all made bad decisions here for not choosing the Darwyn Cooke drawn book. Issue #50 -- an oversized extravaganza drawn by Darwyn Cooke -- draws upon previous storylines and yet tells a story that begins and ends in this one issue. And what an ending it is.

Tallulah Black, otherwise known as the most important recurring character from this volume of "Jonah Hex," features prominently here. As a partner to Hex. A lover. And something more.

CREATORS: STORY BY: Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti / ART BY: Darwyn Cooke

Bryton's Pick
Invincible Iron Man #20 (starts at 16:12)
The Eisner Award-winning team of Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larroca begin a new chapter in their critically acclaimed epic run asthe darkest chapter of Tony Stark's life—or is that afterlife—begins!
Bryton goes off here and chooses a few books so it was a bit hard for me to recount it all here your simply going to have to download to hear him ranting here about four or five different titles but the majority of it centered around Iron Man and his most recent story arc. There are quite a few spoilers to the series here so if your planning on picking it up you may want to skip ahead to the middle of the rant!
He also covers the continuity of Capitan America, some of Thor, Donald Blake and quite a few of the Noir Titles that he feels aren't getting as much attention as they should. He discusses Spiderman Noir, Wolverine, Daredevil and the X-men noir titles.

CREATORS: STORY BY: Matt Fraction / ART BY: Salvador Larroca

Sean's Pick
Stumptown #1 (starts at 35:23)
More Noir! Stumptown follows Dex, a PI that has a severe money management problem mostly due to gambling it away in a Native American casino. With a mentally challenged little brother at home under her care, Dex is far from a role model. Placing him in front of video games to keep him occupied while she goes out and gets herself shot up isn't exactly a guardian-like thing to do. Regardless, it provides a great starting point for us readers and fast tracks Stumptown's world building process. Portland home of cheap heroin!

CREATORS: STORY BY: Greg Rucka / ART BY: Matthew Southworth, Stefano Guadiano

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