Saturday, March 6, 2010

Episode 36: The Siege (released on 2.8.10)

"The Event Seven Years in the Making!" The first issues of Marvel's The Siege and The Siege: Embedded have hit the stands, and it's time for the Warriors to weigh in on this game-changing event. Does it deliver? Does it miss the mark? Is it too soon to tell? Find out in Wednesday Warriors: Episode 36!

What are the Wednesday Warriors reading?

Alias (starts at 1:55)

Jonas has finally borrowed the much sought after Alias: Omnibus from Sean. He's nervous about reading such a rare tome, but so far he's loving this spy series about a detective, one-time Avenger Jessica Jones as she takes on cases that take her to the dark underside of the Marvel universe. This series helped launched the Marvel MAX imprint in 2001 and lasted 28 issues and is a favorite of several of the Wednesday Warriors. Can't afford the out-of-print Omnibus? Fear not true believers as Marvel has re-released the series in two affordable trade paperbacks.

CREATORS: STORY BY: Brian Michael Bendis / ART BY: Michael Gaydos / COVERS BY: David Mack

Captain America: Truth (starts at 13:45)

This mini-series posits that before giving the super soldier syrum to Steve Rogers, government scientists experimented on African-American soldiers and thus this story is about the "real" Captain America. Sadly, the idea of the military doing clandestine tests on it's own citizens actually not that far-fetched (read a history book!) Nevertheless, Sean loves the art in this book and found the series to be well worth a read. The series is collected in one volume and should be fairly easy to find.

CREATORS: STORY BY: Robert Morales / ART BY: Kyle Baker

You Have Killed Me (starts at 17:40)

Time for the weekly Crime Boner (tm) with this original graphic novel released by Oni Press. John liked this noir-ish detective story quite a bit, and though he liked the art he would have maybe preferred a tighter penciling style. This attractive hardcover volume should be available wherever comics are sold.

CREATORS: STORY BY: Jamie S. Rich / ART BY: Joelle Jones

Secret Warriors (starts at 20:40)

Sean H. likes this under-the-radar Marvel series, which reminds him of GI Joe. Secret Warriors follows the adventures of Nick Fury's secret group that assembled during the Secret Invasion. He says this is a fun series with a pseudo military/CIA vibe. The creators on this series are critical darlings, so how can you go wrong?

Secret Warriors is a continuing series and is widely available.

CREATORS: STORY BY: Jonathan Hickman / ART BY: Stefano Caselli

Echo #18 (starts at 27:36)

B. loves this conspiracy tweaked sci-fi series from Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore. In this issue the business hits the fan as the mysterious wanderer wreaks some severe havoc upon a roadside tavern and the story kicks into high gear as it approaches its final year. Studio guest and Warrior Associate Scotty chimes in to let us know that he likes this series too.

Echo is an ongoing series that is always on time. Previous issues are collected in trade.

CREATOR: STORY and ART by Terry Moore

The Burning Questions

So dear listeners, have you read any of the books we talked about here? Do you love them, hate them, are you indifferent to them?

Is Marvel's the Siege the event you've been craving? Are you just happy for Dark Reign to be ending? How do you feel about these issues?

We want to hear from you! Comment below or send us an e-mail at and we'll try to discuss it on the show.

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  1. If you are not reading "The Siege" then you are not reading Marel('s the siege).