Saturday, June 27, 2009

Episode 10 - Invincible

We apologize for missing a week Sean L. was in Scotland so we make it up and review the amazing superhero series INVINCIBLE! along with each of our pick of the week. The Henny is out in london for this episode and we stick it to him by reviewing his favorite ongoing series.

Sean L's Pick:
Power Up
If you’ve never read a graphic novel by Doug Tennapel, then you’ve been missing out. This one centers on a video-game console that gives “power ups” that can be used in life. Power Up! features Hugh Randolph, who's kind of stuck in a humdrum existence until a magic item seems to b begin granting him all of his heart's desires, but every wish seems to come at a cost.

Creator: Doug Tennapel

John's Pick:
Vampires are overwhelming America, state by state, and the only chance of survival lies at the hands of an ancient hero!

Lt. George Wagner arrives in Washington, D.C., hoping to find reinforcements. Instead, he discovers the nation’s capital has been abandoned, its citizens headed west, away from the approaching vampires. In New Jersey, Victor and Vlad are attacked by the unlikeliest of enemies – Vlad’s brother, Mircea, who was long thought dead but is out for revenge!

Creators: Matt Timson - artist, cover / William Harms - writer

Jonas' Pick:
Invincible #63
Believe it or not this is the cover here is the whole reason Jonas read the entire 10 back trade paper backs just so he could read this book. Good for him too cause we take the episode to review the whole series and what a whammy it is!

Creators: Story by Robert Kirkman / Art by Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, FCO Plascencia

Have fun in London Sean! Hope your happy we reviewed your favorite comic when you were gone sucker!

Click Here to download episode 10 and find out about the guy who's set to knock superman off the map.

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