Thursday, July 9, 2009

Episode 11 - Downloading Comics & ComiCon


Sean L's Pick:
Runaways #11
Although the creative team has been jumping around a bit on this title Sean is really liking the new author Kathryn Immonen in the series and thinks this book has found a new stride. A lot of people may have dropped the series over the years and it may just be time to revisit or pick it up for the first time.

Creators: Writer: Kathryn Immonen / Art by: Sara Pichelli

He also recommends the Boom comic IRREDEEMABLE #4 I would too but I can't find a shop thats carrying the damn thing. Sheesh.

Jonas' Pick:
Templesmith can just do no wrong. It also helps that this dark and gritty crime story is flipping awesome. Can you guys finish the series? Look were not alone here lots of us wanna see the thing. Seriously would love it so much. Follow Detective Richard Fell, who been reassigned to the small creepy town of Snowfall.

Creators: Writer: Warren Ellis / Art by: Ben Templesmith

John's SHIT Pick:
Deadpool #1
I felt it was written by retarded chimps, but I'm a Deadpool Noob so what do I know but I'm still pissed I paid for this with my hard earned ever more devalued american dollars. Apparently Im not alone and the people at CBR said it better than me.

"Because no one demanded it, another Deadpool ongoing title featuring an artist known primarily for his work on “Star Wars” comics and a novelist who’s never written comics before that will almost certainly be cancelled within a year! "

While I'm still reading VIKING I can't help but feel its moving a little slow for my tastes but the cool magazine size and amazing artwork and gorgeous colors will ensure I repeatedly throw money at this title until the peso is finally more valuable.

Click HERE to download episode #11 and hear our thoughts on the touchy issue of downloading comics and also some info about the upcoming San Diego ComiCon

Downloading Comics: Threat or Menace? Some store owners say its driving business check it out here at boingboing

We'd love to hear your opinion about whether comic downloads are driving the business or destroying it.
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