Thursday, October 8, 2009

Episode 23: Old Man Logan

Jonas's Pick:
Olympus #1 Starts @ 2:30
What do you get when you take 'Boondock Saints,' smash them together with 'Ghostbusters,' and pepper the fusion with a modern look at Greek myth? You get 'Olympus,' an ambitious book by Image that is certainly demanding of its audience, but is well worth the effort.

The story is fairly straightforward, but has a charm all its own: Castor and Pollux are the immortal enforcers of Olympus, as they hunt down rogue demigods who might upset the natural balance of 21st century Earth.

Creators: STORY BY: Nathan Edmonson / ART BY: Christian Ward

Can anyone help us determine what the balls is going on in this panel from the most recent Thor annual? His hand on a leg, arm, baby fetus? What the crap, man? None of us have any idea and Henny is really concerned about it being some crucial point to the storyline that we're all missing. Click the image for a larger version.

Sean's Pick:
Hellblazer #251 Starts @ 10:25
Sean's favorite story run in comics of all time! Issue #251 is an interesting, amusing, and slightly disgusting look at one of the quieter periods of Constantine's life. He isn't battling demons for his very soul this time. He's merely trying to fan the flames of romance with a girl who should, by all rights, know better than to hang around a bloke like him. And just when things are looking up for the would-be Romeo, he develops a nasty skin infection of dubious mystical origin.

Yup, just another day in the life of John Constantine. This story is broken up by a handful of flashbacks starring a factory worker who betrayed his worker's union. Also, he seems to have his own case of black magic skin rash.

Creators: STORY BY: Peter Milligan / ART BY: Giuseppe Camuncoli - 'Cammo' with fill in issues by SIMON BISLEY!

John's Pick:
New Mutants #5 Starts @ 16:23
WARLOCK IS BACK! Everyone's favorite alien robot is back on Earth, but why? Also, see the effects that UTOPIA had on Illyana and the rest of her crew and witness the most vicious fight ever to grace the pages of NEW MUTANTS. The combatants? Cannonball and Dani Moonstar. I'm really stoked about the new art by Zachary Baldus and colorist James Campell's work is pretty unique and makes me decide to continue to pick up this title. New Mutants was on the chopping block for me for sure. Omnilingual Translation is still a crap power Henny.

Creators: STORY BY: Zeb Wells / ART BY: Zachary Flagg Baldus - 'Zachary Flagg'

Henny's Pick:
Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant-Size (2009) - #1 Starts @ 26:15
How can they make Wolverine any cooler? According to Jonas make him 100' tall hence the Giant-Size Wolverine annual
Millar made readers wait eight solid issues for Wolverine to unsheathe his claws, and then a further wait followed for this, the climactic chapter, in which he actually uses them. With Logan's family dead -- killed for fun by the Hulk clan -- there's no longer anything left for Logan to lose, and his story will end the same way it started: by fighting the Incredible Hulk.

Creators: STORY BY: Mark Millar / ART BY: Steve McNiven

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