Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Episode 24: Locke & Key

Jonas's Pick:
WormWood Starts @ 1:03
Just when John Constantine was starting to be a bit rumpled, along comes another nattily dressed smart-ass who does business with the unholy darkness; this time, he's a little closer to being one of them. Templesmith's Wormwood is a preternaturally cheery corpse with an ever-present cigarette and pentagram tattoo on his forehead to match the psychotic grin. In this debut, the gentleman corpse comes across a plot by a cabal of demons to infiltrate the world of humans and generally lay waste to it all in the nastiest way possible.

Ben's Flickr Photostream is pretty awesome and offers some real insights into his process well worth checking out.

Creators: STORY BY: Ben Templesmith / ART BY: Ben Templesmith

Sean's Pick:
WormWood Starts @ 8:13
Nick Fury and a long-dormant spy now reactivated continue their top secret mission while the kids get in way over their heads as they go up against members of the Dark Avengers and the Thunderbolts...and while no one else is looking, HYDRA's grand plans continue to unfold. All that and Ares is finally reunited with his son - watch the sparks fly!

Creators: STORY BY: Johnathan Hickman / ART BY: Alessandro Vitti

Henny's Pick:
DareDevil #501 Starts @ 12:52
In 1964, Stan Lee and Bill Everett unleashed one of Marvel’s longest running titles on the comic reading public, The Daredevil! A young boy blinded by a terrible accident but compensated by gaining extraordinary abilities, he has been in continuous publication since his first issue in 1964. Last month he celebrated his 500th issue, and this week we look at issue 501 and a new creative team.

Creators: STORY BY: Andy Diggle / ART BY: Roberto De La Torre

John's Pick:
CRIMINAL The Sinners #1 Starts @ 16:49
I'm not going to say anything more about how amazing this series is buy the damn thing.

Surebeatsworking is Sean Phillips blog go check it out if your not sold by my review here. He is so flipping talented its scary folks. The covers alone sell this book for me check out #4! Seriously go buy this or Incognito or even the first CRIMINAL trade Coward.

Creators: STORY BY: Ed Brubaker / ART BY: Sean Phillips


  1. Oh man, you guys were right about Locke and Key. It is really awesome. Thanks again for the recommendation!

  2. You can really thank Jonas for that one... He made us all read it. Well him and spidey.... Thanks guys.

  3. I had it six months ago but it just sat on my shelf. Luckily Jonas made me remember I needed to read it and gave me good reasons why it should be the next thing I read.

  4. How awesome is it to have dudes?