Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best Of 2009 Categories!

Let the violent controversy ensue!

Here are the categories for the upcoming 2-part BEST OF 2009 show! They won't be released until 2009 has officially come to an end, but you better start thinking right now, my little Warriors!

BEST OF 2009!!!

Best Comic Book Series:

Best Hero:

Best Villain:

Best New Series (1st issue came out in 09):

Best Mini Series:

Best Indie Comic:

Best Comic Adaptation (movie, videogame, TVshow):

Best Writer:

Best Artist:

Biggest Disappointment (dropped!):

Best Storyline:

Most Excited for 2010 comic or comic related:

Best Single Issue:

Best Wild Card Choice!:

Best Cover Artist:

Best Cover:

Best Comeback:

Best Colorist:

Best Moment:

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  1. I've been working on my pics for weeks. Really stressing about it.