Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Episode 31: Fart Party

Could this be? After reading a few comics recommended by Sean, Henny's girlfriend is now reading comics of her own will. One of her favorite being "Fart Party" by Julia Wertz. This indie comic is a look into life in San Francisco as seen through a beer guzzling, bike riding, sarcastic artist. Filled with humor and heart ache it's a perfect match for those who don't like men in tights, flying around, and picking fights.

Sean's Pick
Marvel Visionaries: Walter Simonson "The Mighty Thor"(starts at 10:00)
There has been much critical acclaim over this series and Sean takes the time to sit down and give it a read. Surprised that this series withstands the sands of time and is just as interesting and relevant today as it was when it was written, Sean give it his stamp of approval. Writer-artist Walt Simonson throws all preconceived notions out the window and over a two-and-a-half-year span produced epic adventure that held an ever-growing readership in thrall.

Simonson weaves a complex series of adventures that shuttle mercilessly from the golden spires of fabled Asgard to the streets of New York City to the farthest stars in the Universe. The entire pantheon of the Aesir was completely reimagined through Simonson's powerful images, becoming both more contemporary while retaining their regal, mythic trappings!!

CREATORS: STORY BY: Walter Simonson/ ART BY: Walter Simonson

Jonas' Pick
Blackest Night #5(starts at 28:00)
"Geoff John's is the most powerful man in comic books!" Jonas cries from on high. " Things usually slow down in the middle of a series instead of going completely bonkers. Geoff Johns is changing the DC universe forever! If you are not reading this book you are insane, or you live in a cave."

CREATORS: STORY BY: Geoff Johns / ART BY:Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert, Joe Prado

Special Guest Bryton's
Chew #7 (starts at 38:45)
It is easy to call "Chew" a one-trick pony. Based on a crazy concept that seems good for one or two issues it can all be said in one sentence. "Chicken is illegal and guy can eats stuff and be a psychic". There is so much more to this scif-fi thriller, they keep piling on more and more weird twists that have yet to be explained. Aliens from space, an author that writes tastes, and chew doing good old fashioned police work? What will they come up with next?

CREATORS: STORY BY: John Layman /ART BY:Rob Guillory

Henny's Pick
Blackest Night: Flash #1 (starts at 52:09)
Sean loves this comic! Starting off with the cover being an ode to Ethan Van Sciver's cover of Flash Rebirth #1. To the fact that Rogues are back baby!

The story takes place shortly after Hal Jordan leaves Earth in an attempt to shut down the Black Lanterns. Left with the fate of the Earth on his shoulders, Barry Allen is spreading the word about the Black Lanterns, making his allies aware of the threat posed by these resurrected acquaintances.

CREATORS: STORY BY: Geoff Johns / ART BY: Scott Kolins


  1. I like that Sean will buy a porno comic for the good of the podcast, but he's not willing to buy Image United for review purposes.

    It just shows that it's better to read a comic full of giant veiny cock, than pick up a story that reunites Youngblood, the Savage Dragon, and Shadow Hawk.

    And yes, Jim Lee did a varient cover of Image United.

  2. Sean H. not buying Image United shows that he has integrity and still can hold on to some morals.