Friday, April 23, 2010

Episode 45: Blackest Night

We give our thoughts on the entire series and specifically issue 8 'the finale' of what some are already saying is the greatest crossover event of all time! We also discuss a bevy of books all pictured below. You're gonna have to check it! Download the episode now!

Henny also discusses his trip to WonderCon with his girlfriend in San Francisco and compares it to our recent trip to Emerald City and San Diego Cons.

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  1. There's no way in hell that Blackest Night is the best crossover of all time. I don't understand how people can think this, although it was one of the better looking stories around. Now, maybe the fact that DC usually screws these up, I can see where the typical DC fanboy might get up in arms about how awesome this is, but personally, the ending was absolutely terrible. What do I know? Nothing. But that's my opinion.

  2. well josh, what crossover was better? Blackest night was fantastic, and until i read something better then it is currently the best