Monday, August 3, 2009

Episode 13: Pros and Cons of Comi-Con Pt.1

In Episode 13 we discuss the awesomeness and rockdacity that was San Diego Comic-Con!
Henny discusses the ins and outs of getting a job in Comics.

Listen in and don't make the same noob mistakes as Sean!

We also talk about the things we enjoyed most at Comic-Con. Be sure to watch the picture feed as the episode rolls along, as its not one to be missed!

Jonas' Pick:
Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1
So still at a loss as to the who, whats, & whens of Blackest Night? There are three stories featured here that aren't vital to the Blackest Night tale, but these Tales of the Corps features the origin stories for the Saint Walker of the blue lantern, The Indigo tribe, and Mongul. Well worth checking out and delving even deeper into the Lantern Universe.

Creators: Writer: Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi / Art by: Jerry Ordway, Chris Samnee, Rags Morales

Henny's Pick:
B.P.R.D.: 1947 #1
Henny had a whole ton of stuff to choose from Green Lantern #44, Invincible #64, Irredeemable #4 and he narrows it down to BPRD 1947 #1. Henny loves the Hellboy spinoff and the atmosphere that they have done an amazing job creating. It;s also a more regular title than Hellboy.

Creators: Mike Mignola, Joshua Dysart / Art by: Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon

John's Pick:
Dark Wolverine #76
Despite what everyone else is saying and despite how I know were supposed to hate Daken, I like it. I think Daken is a bastard (not because he really is) but he's a bastard I'm starting to like. Don't let anyone else talk crap on this title before you read it and then talk all the smack you like. I'm just saying give it a go, it won each of the warriors over even though we had all dropped or attempted to drop it from our holds.

Creators: Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu / Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Onofrio Catacchio

Sean's Pick:
Chew #1
"Chew" #1 will be reprinted (in black-and-white) in this week's "The Walking Dead" #63 at no extra cost and it may be the only way your gonna get your hands on this title as its become pretty hard to find. Chew is a detective who's sense of taste may lead him to some pretty foul tasting stuff. He can sense whatever he's eating's feelings and it tastes him to some pretty interesting results.

Creators: John Layman / Art by: Rob Guillory

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  1. Good episode. The portfolio review stuff was really interesting.

    Yay Chew! Issue #3 out today, can't wait.