Monday, August 10, 2009

Episode 14: Pros and Cons of Comi-Con Pt.2

In this episode we finish the Pros and touch on the very few Cons we had with Comic-Con this year. Some of the highlights include the following:

Find out in this episode and help us find out why Jim Steranko is the biggest badasses in the whole industry. Sean Leslie retells one of the best encounters with Mr. Steranko that could have ever possibly be had at Comic-Con! Anyone know why he hates Marvel so bad? Email us or comment below if you have any in's on that one, we're dying to know.

Art Adams continues to reign as John's favorite creator of all time! After being too afraid to get a few books signed for the entire Con, John finally approached him near the end of the Con and asked him about his very first work, his introduction to comics, and some of his earliest childhood memories related to comics.

Sean shows Jeph Loeb, the scribe of 'Teen Wolf', and his daughter Audrey Loeb his toes tattooed toes with the words Teen Wolf. I think they were both wowed Mr. Loeb who is clearly impressed despite whatever Sean says. He asked: "Really? That's a tattoo?". Pretty defining moment in my opinion.

All this and more in episode 14! Sound off on your opinion about Comic-Con. Email us or comment below.

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