Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Episode 17: A great week for comics!

A pretty awesome week for comics! We had a hard time picking just one for each of us, so we discuss a whole slew of books, some exciting industry news, Variant covers, Horny Hulk, and everything in between!

Trevor's Tirade:
Bodycount TPB Starts @00:45
An all new feature to Wednesday Warriors, please welcome Trevor! Hopefully we can have Trevor out to review the worst of the worst for us. We set the guy with the lowest possible standards to find the lowest of the low, so we don't have to and now you won't either. Trevor's Tirade is the feature for you to hear all about the worst books ever made! Trevor starts us out with Bodycount! Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley's poorly put together limited edition hardcover.

Creators: STORY BY: Kevin Eastman / ART BY: Simon Bisley

Henny's Pick:
Blackest Night #2 Starts @ 13:10
Henny's loved every blackest night book he's even picked up is this one even a surprise? Even the tie-in's are mind-blowing and is a must have for everyone. If your not caught up to date with Green Lantern be sure to listen to Episode 15 to find out where to begin in this all new comic epic that is honestly taking the comic industry by storm. I mean shit it got me to read DC comics so it's gotta be good.

Creators: STORY BY: Geoff Johns / ART BY: Ivan Reis

John's Pick:
Destroyer #5 Starts @ 27:00
Listen to two ass-hats who aren't John review his pick of the week. Honestly. Jerks. The series comes to a close in this all too short 5 story arc. Is anyone else a little surprised that an Image part owner (Kirkman) is writing a Marvel Max series title? Could you really do that in any other industry? Comics are so awesome and this series is a shining example of why I love comics despite the other "fanboys" that like them too.

Creators: STORY BY: Robert Kirman / ART BY: Cory Walker

Henny's Pick:
Witchfinder #2 Starts @ 29:30
Another Henny shocker. Sir Edward Grey, a mysterious character occasionally appearing in “B.P.R.D.” and “Hellboy,” now has his own five-issue miniseries from Dark Horse with the first issue released last July 1, 2009. Written by Hellboy mastermind Mike Mignola with art by Ben Stenbeck, sees the Victorian occult detective fighting against otherworldly assassins and the devious machinations of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra.

Creators: STORY BY: Mike Mignola / ART BY: Ben Stenbeck

Sean's Pick:
Ultimate Spider-Man #001 Starts @ 30:55
Jonas thinks Lafuente draws Spider-Man's head like a basketball and while we agree, it's not enough to throw us off this new reincarnation of the Ultimate Universe. If the goal of “Ultimatum” was to re-energize the Ultimate Universe, then in those stakes it was a great success. Between Bendis’ plot and Lafuente’s art, “Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man” feels fresh and contemporary. The opening sequence is light on action, but full of humor, instantly washing away the grimness that plagued the Ultimate Universe’s final year and re-establishing the tone of the book masterfully.

Creators: STORY BY: Brian Bendis / ART BY: David Lafuente

Sean's Pick:
Ultimate Avengers #001 Starts @ 32:46
Sean loves the concept of "messing" the entire Marvel Universe up and “Ultimate Comics Avengers” #1 kicks things off strongly by setting up the new status-quo quickly: after being in a different universe for a while, Nick Fury is no longer in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Ultimates program has taken a big hit, Tony Stark is still a drunken debaucher, Hawkeye and Captain America are pretty much all they’ve got left, and Captain America has gone rogue.

Creators: STORY BY: Mark Millar / ART BY: Carlos Pacheco

John's Pick:
X-Men Forever #5 Starts @ 37:33
Holy balls! The biggest train wreck of all time is back! Why they didn't just call this Ultimate X-Men is so far beyond me. I don't think I'll ever understand. This new X-Men title picks up right where ancient X-scribe Chris Claremont left off in 1996, in an out-of-continuity story that has John laughing his ass off as well as gasping between pages. Its hard to pack this much awesome into 22 pages (Awesome also doubles for 'retarded' quite often in here) But listen in at around the 40 minute mark to the very first on-air argument between me and Henny that earned us our very first explicit tagging (ie F-bomb)!

Creators: STORY BY: Chris Claremont / ART BY: Tom Grummett

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