Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Episode 16: Irredeemable

Another surprise guest appearance (much near the end) of a second of our dear friends to grace the podcast is here. I won't say who, but hopefully he can make some more regular appearances

Download it now and listen in as we chat about the awesome new series from Boom comics Irredeemable! Oh and you're gonna need this...

Jonas' Pick:
Walking Dead #64
DO NOT CLICK THE LINK above unless you really want that spoiler series action. The series really picks up steam as the survivors enter the 'fear the hunters' storyline. The Kirkman magic has Jonas yelling out loud as he reads it and upsetting the whole damn house. We really can't say too much more, other than if you're not already reading this, get the hell up out your seat right now and go buy a copy today.

Creators: STORY BY: Robert Kirkman / ART BY: Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn

Sean's Pick:
Invincible Iron Man #16
Is Matt Fraction writing the next Iron Man movie script in comic form? The all new story arc feels that way. The always maniacal Norman Osbourn is after the list of all the 'Super Hero secret identities list' from 'Civil War' and Tony Stark is the only man able to play keep away long enough for he and Pepper Potts to get captured by Madame Masque. He even gave Pepper a female iron man suit! Good crap what's it gonna take for these two to catch a break? An Eisner winner for best new series is well worth a wallet raping.

Creators: STORY BY: Matt Fraction / ART BY: Salvador Larroca

Henny's Pick:
Red Robin #1
Flashbacks, Nightwing, Damian, Bruce Wayne, one more addition to the family won't hurt. Sean equates this first issue to the beginning of 'Apocalypse Now,' busting up hotel rooms and throwing bottles through mirrors. Even though the series is up to issue #3 now, we're catching up with the all new incarnation of the Bruce Wayne butchered family tree, to check in and see just how awesome and like-able Tim Drake is as he toughs it up all over eastern Europe.

Creators: STORY BY: Christopher Yost / ART BY: Ramon Bachs

John's Pick:
Punisher Max Vol. #1: In the Beginning
This Punisher is THE Punisher. This is much how John has always imagined him, just a hulking brute of scars and swear words, with showers of bullet casings spraying everywhere. This is the Punisher that has been there all along, but not until the Max line came out could they tell. A brutal and remorseless Frank Castle deals with ghosts from the past and makes a ton of new ones in the first trade paperback of the series. Micro's back and he wants Frank to get in line. I think we can guess the rest from there, but watching the train wreck is impossible to take your eyes off of.

Creators: STORY BY: Garth Ennis / ART BY: Lewis Larosa


  1. I was sitting in someone's office at work today waiting for them to finish a conversation and I accidentally thought of the phrase "Superman's gone buck wild!" and had to supress laughter and ended up just sort of gazing off into space half-grinning. I must have looked like such a creep.

  2. Punisher MAX is so awesome. And In The Beginning is the best.

  3. And Sean is right, the Barracuda story (trade 6) is also awesome. And also Up Is Down And Black Is White (4).

  4. I love Barracuda. Make sure to check out the Punisher Presents Barracuda tpb that really never made it on to a lot of Punisher fans radar.