Thursday, August 27, 2009

Episode 19: Girls, Girls, Girls - (Not Motley Crue)

We're Back! After only one day of downtime! We're playing catch up here and trying to bombard your ears with the latest and greatest of the comic industry. This week we discuss the Girls series done by the Luna Brothers. Not Motley Crue.

Read the very first issue for free at Image's web site here

Henny's & Jonas' Pick:
Blackest Night: Superman #1 Starts @ 00:45
In a Warrior first, a double whammy pick of the week is Blackest Night: Superman. Both Jonas and Henny pick up on how evil infests itself in the idyllic farm country of Superman's hometown of Smallville. Just as Conner Kent/Superboy has started building his new life there as part of the Kent family, a horror unlike any he's faced before attacks in the form of Kal-L: The dead Superman of Earth 2! Also after committing the most atrocious crime of all: vandalism of the Smallville welcome sign. Destruction of public property isn't a joke people.

Creators: STORY BY: James Dale Robinson / ART BY: Eddy Barrows

Sean's Pick:
Ex Machina #44 Starts @ 06:40
The pieces of the puzzle are all starting to come together for Mayor Hundred and the whole Ex Machina Series. Vaughn has stated that this series is only going to be 50 issues and as it winds down the series is really starting to get more and more amazing. Issue #44 wraps up Vaughn's penultimate story arc, with Hundred descending to New York's sewers in hopes of confronting what he assumes is a revived Pherson. The truth is far more complicated and unexpected. Pick it up if only to check out JD Mettler's amazing coloring work.

Creators: STORY BY: Brian K. Vaughn / ART BY: Tony Harris

John's Pick:
Unwritten #4 Starts @ 13:35
While we amongst the warriors disagree about the quality of Peter Gross's art in the series, we all pretty much agree the story is very cool. The plot, for those who haven’t seen it about, stars Tommy Taylor. Tommy is a real guy in his 20's, but when he was a child, his father based a series of fantasy novels very much reminiscent of Harry Potter on him – the Tommy Taylor books. The books quickly eclipsed Potter, Twilight, and a great many other fandoms to become a 13 book juggernaut… but after book 13, writer Wilson Taylor mysteriously disappeared. Chaos ensues. Stabbings, Kidnappings, Sickles in the back. it's getting good, seriously...

Creators: STORY BY: Mike Carey / ART BY: Peter Gross

Am I the only one who thinks the Luna brother's hillbillies look like the teacher from Beavis and Butthead? C'mon. Pitch in your two cents.


  1. Like you guys, I could really relate to the guy's in Girls - and not as much to the ball chopping. I was more like "hey, give him a break. He's surrounded by all these naked chicks, what do you expect him to do!?"

    But I am sure if my wife actually read it (which she would never do), she would definitely think the guys are all assholes who need their balls removed.

    Also the Luna brothers do a great job of writing women. From all the women's relationships in Ultra to the ladies in this and even into sword. I think they do a great job of creating well rounded and believable female characters.

    And I find no problems with their art. It's a very different style, but I really think it's beautiful in its simplicity.

    Thanks for reviewing it. I loved this book.

  2. Oh also I kept thinking "why aren't they just hammering these "Girls'" heads like in Walking Dead?" But I think it's a lot easier to smash up an enemy who looks freaky (like zombies) than it is to do it to one who looks like a normal person (like the girls).

    It made it a bit scarier to me because it makes it harder to fight back.

    The first time it showed the Girls dragging the bodies across the road to the sperm thing, it scared me more than anything in Walking Dead ever did.

  3. Yea I think your right on there matsby I can't imagine smashing a face of a hot naked lady even if she had just tossed the body of my neighbor to the giant sarlac pit of sperm into space thing.

    Well maybe. But I think there is a lot of hesitancy on the part of nearly all the characters to kill whereas in Walking Dead the only reason someone wouldn't bash a brain in is because of leg-locking fear.

    I don't think any of us had problems with the art it is simple and clean and were so unused to seeing that I think its a bit more shocking than we realize. Shoulder Pads and excessive padding really have ruined us.

  4. I agree with Matsby about it being almost as horrifiying, if not more so, than walking dead. I read it in monthly floppies so the pace was broken up a bit. But rereading it for the podcast in a much shorter time was pretty eerie. Eerie because of the horror and eerie because I would be afraid of what I would do in the same situations.