Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Episode 18: Spider-Woman and Motion Comics

This week we review the all new Spider-Woman upcoming series that is also being made into motion comics and is available on iTunes for only one measly dollar. Is this the new format for comics? Is this the way of comics from the future? Are we really that lazy? You'll only know if you tune in this week and check it out!

See amazing huh? Oh fine. here.

Sean's Pick:
Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 23: Bridge of Tears Starts @ 00:45
With the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Usagi Yojimbo, this trade paper back has got it all. With a ton of comparisons to Akira Kurosawa film being drawn, this series is a must for anyone even remotely interested in samurai or Japanese history. Plus anthropomorphic animals! Don't be driven mad by the fact that there are lizards that can't actually talk like every other animal in it, Henny. An amazing series very worth checking out we won't even ask that you buy all 20 trades like Sean did in a week.

Creators: STORY BY: Stan Sakai / ART BY: Stan Sakai

Henny's Pick:
Daredevil #500 Starts @ 09:30
Despite 16 issues ago Daredevil celebrated its double sized 100th issue, here's issue #500! YEA! In your face continuity! Despite the basic math problems involved here, this is one hell of an issue. With an additional set of back up stories by Ann Nocenti and artist David Aja and a reprint of classic Frank Miller daredevil #191, a huge pinup gallery with gorgeous work done by
Brian Michael Bendis, Geofrey Darrow - 'Geof', Stefano Gaudiano, Rafael Grampá (who is @*%$!! amazing by the way), David Mack, Alex Maleev, Joe Quesada, John Romita Sr., and Patrick Zircher how can you possibly go wrong?

Creators: STORY BY: Ed Brubaker / ART BY: Michael Lark

Jonas's Pick:
B.P.R.D. 1947 #2 Starts @ 13:25
Henny's pick of the week was #1 in Episode #13 Jonas follows up the series with his pick of #2. As the rest of the team hunts for their missing man, a lone agent follows his mysterious benefactor further into the dark recesses of her world. Art by Eisner Award-winning rising stars Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá keeps us more and more anxious to see how this series progresses.

Creators: STORY BY: Mike Mignola, Joshua Dysart / ART BY: Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá

John's Pick:
Ultimate Spider-Man #001 Starts @ 17:10
Hmm... so Sean picked this just one episode ago for his pick and I didn't even realize it. I blame the fact I'm currently suffering from the swine flu or something, and have had a momentary lapse of sanity (well some moments last longer than others) but I loved the book even more do I dare say than Sean did. This is the Spider-Man title you should be following folks. Amazing Spider-Man comes out weekly, way too rich for my blood and is continually switching artists on the title this one has that damn Lafuente who's just got a clean and awesome style that I'm loving. Even though Spidey's head is a big round-ish I'll still be buying this title for a few seasons to come

Creators: STORY BY: Brian Michael Bendis / ART BY: David Lafuente

Can someone please count up the Obama covers?
Can someone please tell me why chapel is mad-dogging Obama so bad?
Why wouldn't he be excited about him being in office? Why am I still buying Youngblood?


  1. Yes on all these comics. Daredevil 500 was a great package all around. Hey! Fix the creators. Diggle and Tan (that sounds dirty) only did like four pages!

    BPRD 1947 is great. I'm already liking it a lot more than 1946, which I also loved.

  2. I agree with Sean, that in anthropomorphic stories, it also bothers me when some animals are not humanoid. But Usagi is great and I have no problems with it.

    And I also thought the Spider-Woman motion comic it seemed short. I wonder if part of it is that it went by at its own pace. Like if you read a comic, you read the words and you look at the art. And the motion comics read the words to you while you are looking at the art.

    I personally was unimpressed with the motion comic and disliked the voices - but I did like the voice of Spider-Man in it.

  3. I actually like that Bollywood Spider-Woman you posted better than the Spider-Woman motion comic.

  4. Agreed Bollywood needs to make more comic movies. Hell anything is better than Transformers 2 lets let shim sham bally bim take a crack at deadpool I'll see it.

    I also talk about all the other creators in the post so I kinda figured I could pass up the creator credit on the bottom but thanks for keeping us straight and narrow man.

  5. It's just that I really don't like Billy Tan.

    His art anyway. I have no opinion of the man personally.

  6. For realsies? I hadn't had too much exposure to him but I really like his clean graphic style. I can't believe how much I liked this issue. I picked it up on Henny's recommendation and I now have to get all the stuff in trade.

    But how awesome is Raphael Grampá? His daredevil pinup made me pee a little...

    FurryWater his new comic is due out soon I can't wait for that one.